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I was always starting things but never finishing them.

I was forever starting new goals, new projects, new ideas... and very rarely saw them through.

I had trouble finishing things for a few different reasons:

  • The excitement faded,
  • I found it too difficult & overwhelming,
  • I was scared to get it wrong,
  • I didn't give the project the time it deserved,
  • Or my idea was shot down by others.

All very common reasons for most people.


So I learned about how our brains work.

It wasn't until I started studying psychology that I began to understand human behavior. Our personalities. Our natural instincts.

I learnt about the brain's reward system - how it works and what it does to us physically and emotionally.

With this new knowledge, I wanted to test if I could 'exploit' it to make learning new information and starting new habits easier. So I did exactly that.

I started by testing out different methods of studying. I wanted to start a new studying habit. One that I looked forward to & one that didn't send me to sleep. By experimenting, I had found a way that worked.


And Ninety Days came to be.

I couldn't believe it - by understanding our natural behaviors and our personality differences, I was able to start a new habit that much easier. I felt like I'd been studying the wrong way my whole life!

What else could I use these newly discovered techniques on? I discovered they worked well for hobbies, work, and of course - goals!

I knew I couldn't keep it to myself. So I developed Ninety Days. A simple way to show you how easy it is to implement these changes into your life (and has you seeing results not long after).