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Join the 90 Day Challenge


Waking up to a new life tomorrow morning.

And in this new life, everything you desire for yourself exists.

What would it be like?

  • Is there a week's worth of prepared meals in the fridge? 
  • Does your bank balance make you smile now, being debt free?
  • Do you confidently answer the phone at work now?
  • Is your new business on the cusp of a monumental milestone?
  • Do you feel true love & acceptance towards yourself?

It may not be this way for you right now.

But it can be.
And as soon as 90 days time.

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We know that planning & sticking to a goal is hard.
Things get in the way. The kids. Your job. Your mood. Poor finances. Slow traffic.
And when you do eventually get time, your motivation fades.
This is why Ninety Days is for you.
Because we understand why it's hard.

Ninety Days is a strategically designed system (that works) to guide you towards your goal.

Filled with little-known secrets and actionable advice, it'll be hard not to reach your goal.
Why 90 days?
Because it's just enough time to start seeing real results from your efforts.

Too short and you don't see progress. Too long and your goal feels unreachable.

90 days is a sensible & practical length of time to make a change in your life.
Is Ninety Days designed for everyone?
Yes! You'll discover more about yourself with the four personality questionnaires.

You'll love learning about your goal setting type & motivation style.

Have friends and family take the tests too, to see the differences.

What do I get when I join?
A beautifully designed A5 planner (to track your goal over 90 days)

A 90 day calendar (to plan & track your milestones)

Guides & worksheets (learn how to manage your goal & emotions)

A set of vinyl stickers with positive words (to help with a more positive mindset)

Inspiring & motivating wallpapers for your devices (for constant encouragement)

Easy to use templates (to set deadlines & write your own affirmations)

Regular Helpful email tips (to help keep you on track)

Access to our support group (get advice and support with your goal)
How will Ninety Days help me?
You'll learn how to effortlessly set a goal the right way. Turn your "I want to [...]" into to a real, actionable goal.

You'll discover how to maintain motivation for your goal with proven techniques.

Things will finally start to make sense after you learn your goal setting style. You'll get helpful advice for your specific personality type.

You'll learn how to 'listen in' on your thoughts and how to develop a positive mindset. Essential for self-growth.

And most importantly... You'll be able to use what you learn throughout the rest of your life.
Here's what you get when you Join the 90 Day Challenge.
(Everything pictured & more)
90 Day Planner
Learn about your goal setting type. Get help with deciding on a goal. And discover how to break your goal down into something manageable.
90 Day Calendar
Plan your milestones and track your progress.
Encouraging stickers
Surround yourself with positivity. Stick these robust vinyl stickers in places where you'll always see them. Like your mirror, desk, or fridge.
Guides & Worksheets
Learn how to get your goals off the ground. Know how to keep your emotions in check when under pressure. And learn how to add small techniques to your daily routine that'll make a big difference.
Templates for Affirmations & Deadlines
Learn how to craft your own positive messages and self talk. As well as listing your dreams and turning them into goals with deadlines.
Inspiring Wallpaper Designs
It's easier to stay on track when you've got the right messages and beliefs around you. Stick with a favourite quote or change them up each day. Designed for your mobile, tablet, and iWatch.
You'll get access to our exclusive support group. You'll join other women around the world who are also working on a goal. Learn and support one another.
Regular Tips
You won't be alone when you start your 90 Day Challenge. You'll receive ongoing support throughout. You'll love reading the frequent bite-sized tips.
You're ready.
Ready to start.

Ready to take a leap.

You're ready, my friend.

Ready for something new.